Koochuwah SOS Panic Button Alarm GSM SMS Notification Emergency Button Auto Call Elderly Alarm for Invalid/Disable People/Old


Model Number : KOE-2000G
Wireless frequency : 868MHz
Target user : Patient, Elderly, Resident etc.
Standby time : 1 year
Warranty : 1 year
Color : White and red
Remark : SMS and Auto Dail
Keyword : panic button
Product name : sos button for elderly
Power supply : Battery

Koochuwah GSM SOS Alarm Button SMS Notification Auto Dail Panic Button Emergency Alarm for Elderly Care/Invalid/Disable People

Key features of sos alarm:

--Completely wireless,portable&Durable.

--GSM Programming,support SMS&CALL Notification.

--Support 8 Emergency numbers connection.

--Smart main unit: a base station and alarm.

--Low battery warning:SMS notificationalert.

--DIY&expandable up to 32 wireless accessories,to detect for opening/closing,motion,water,fire and more.

--Ultra-long standby time: up to 365 days.

--Target User: Patient/Elderly/Resident/Handicapped/Sick Freedom while Still calling for Help at home.

--Various application:bedroom,bathroom,toilet,etc.

Packing List:

KO-108D= WirelessSOS PanicButton*2

KOE-2000G= GSMAlarm Host*1 + Wireless SOS Panic Button*2

Remark: The package include battery and English user manual.

The accessories need to work with alarm host , cannot work alone.